Our general list can be tailored to fit your needs and budget.

Our Cleaners

  • We only put safe cleaners in your home - all of our residential cleaners are background checked.
  • All of our cleaners are insured, bonded, I-9 verified, and English-speaking.
outdoor photo of a home with green lawn

In Bathrooms

A very clean looking front deck with blue wood
  • Wipe & shine all surfaces (sinks, counters, mirrors, floors, fixtures, window sills, picture frames, etc.)
  • Clean and sanitize the inside and outside of toilets
  • Shake or vacuum rugs
  • Clean shower (and door/door frame,  or spray curtain)
  • Wipe out tub
  • Clean & shine all chrome or porcelain fixtures, mirrors, and any other glass
  • Dust vanity lights

In Bedrooms, Living Rooms, Dining Rooms, and Family Rooms

  • Dust and clean surfaces (tables, chairs, electronics, window sills, etc.)
  • Dust any art work on walls and any other hanging decor
  • Vacuum carpeting and rugs
  • Wipe wood floors clean, if applicable
very clean living room

In Kitchens and Laundry Rooms

modern looking office space with glass and steel accents
  • Wipe surfaces and sanitize (counters, sinks, and fixtures)
  • Spot wipe cupboards as needed
  • Wipe appliances fronts and tops (and inside of microwave)
  • Sweep and wipe all floors clean
  • Shake or vacuum rugs
  • Empty trash cans and recycling bins

Every Other Clean (Or as Needed)

  • Dust fans, most mini-blinds, doors, tops of doors, and windows
  • Dust baseboards, cold air return vents, and check for cobwebs
  • Dust light fixtures (not including crystal or gold chandeliers)
  • Vacuum under couch cushions and furniture itself
a modern looking living room

Available Upon Special Request for an Additional Charge

kitchen with wood and black accents
  • Bed making
  • Inside of refrigerator
  • Garage
  • Other requests? Just ask!

Other Categories:

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Two caution wet floor signs laying on the ground
Shoes next to a vacuum on a modern rug
A very clean looking front deck with blue wood
a construction worker hammering overhead in a dusty environment
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