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  • All of our cleaners are insured, bonded, and I-9 verified.
A very clean looking front deck with blue wood

Real Estate

modern looking office space with glass and steel accents
  • You know you can't sell a dirty home!
  • Call us to prep a home for selling before the first showing - we have relationships with window cleaners, painters, and even stagers for selling prep work
  • Prep a home for general cleaning after the movers depart.


  • Are you getting ready to list your rental property? Make VandenHoek Cleaning your first call!
  • We are the efficient experts to clean apartments  and homes to prep them for turnover to new tenants
very clean living room
modern, clean interior living space
miniature house on a table with a key next to it
outdoor photo of a home with green lawn
a modern looking living room

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Shoes next to a vacuum on a modern rug
A very clean looking front deck with blue wood
a construction worker hammering overhead in a dusty environment
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