Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Matt or Mary if I am a client and have a need, question or suggestion?

All of our current and potential customers can access us at any time via phone (612-500-1781), text or email or For residential customers we also have a "VandenHoek Cleaning" envelope that is left for you to place your confidential payment inside as well as any non-urgent messages or personal notes that you may want us to receive. Simply seal the envelope with your message and payment inside and we will get back to you.

How do I know they will do good job?

Our highly trained cleaners regularly receive random post-cleaning checkups to make sure that our clients get exactly what they were promised. We welcome our clients coming to us at any time for feedback or improvement suggestions. Also, see our list of client testimonials to see what they are saying about us!

Is the work guaranteed?

We back all of the work that our cleaners do. If a cleaning is not up to your expectations, just let us know and within 24 hours, we will make it right!

What makes VandenHoek Cleaning better than a national company?

Our cleaners are thoroughly trained, bonded and insured, and I-9 verified. If there is ever an issue, the owners of the company are local residents of the Twin Cities. You deal with them, not some obscure company in Memphis or Ann Arbor. Matt & Mary live in St. Paul and our office is in Minnetonka. You may call us and speak to us personally at any time.

What are your rates?

Our hourly rates are proprietary information, but each job is quoted with a price that is always competitive and fair.

Are your cleaners paid fairly?

Yes! Our 1st cornerstone is "We always treat our customers and employees honestly and fairly." We pay our cleaners a higher wage than what is standard, and survey the market to assure that happens.

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