Clean room Cleaning

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Medical Manufacturing Cleanrooms

  • Cleanroom cleaning:  Trust VandenHoek Cleaning. We know how to do it!  We currently provide cleaning services for several catheter manufacturing companies in the Twin Cities metro, and we know our way around a cleanroom.
  • Tired of correcting mistakes of your current Cleanroom cleaners being out of compliance with FDA?  Call us.  We will do it right.
  • All of our cleaners are insured, bonded, and I-9 verified.
Workers working in a cleanroom wearing all white
cleaner scrubbing a wall with mop bucket
a cleaner scrubbing a wall
Cleaner scrubbing a wall while wearing blue coveralls and protective gear
cleaners scrubbing walls

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Workers working in a cleanroom wearing all white
Two caution wet floor signs laying on the ground
Shoes next to a vacuum on a modern rug
A very clean looking front deck with blue wood
a construction worker hammering overhead in a dusty environment
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